Hi. سلام. 你好


Welcome to my Personal Website.
My name is Ali Darwish (some times I write Ali with an "i" or Aly with a "y" / depends on mood) I like to think of myself as an entrepreneur at heart and a tinkerer by nature. I was born in Cairo and raised in different parts of the world but currently living and working in Singapore for the past 4+ years. I have worked in Technology Venture Capital, Business Development for Mega Infrastructure Projects, then shifted to P/E and currently part of the Fund Raising team at the 4th MVNO in Singapore (www.circles.life)

This website was created so I can share with you my thoughts, Podcast "VELCRO" and write product reviews. I'm interested to know more about technology, startups, the internet, books and design.

I have had the privilege of working with companies like Sawari Ventures, Hyflux and more.

Thanks for visiting.



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