Put Down Your Pokémons

The virality of Pokémon Go is some sort of a worldwide sensation at the moment

I don't even have to tell you what's going on - I am sure you already know. It’s like my FB feed is flooded with screenshots of wacky monsters, cheats and news … it's just crazy!

Some analysts are even saying it’s the beginning of a totally different way of gaming – bridging that endless virtual imagination world with that ever boring real world we live in. And that’s exciting news for all them gamers and techies out there.

But don’t get me wrong, when I say this;
I’m not the least hooked.

Sure, it can be quite an addictive game and Kudos for the development team who came up with it and brought it to life ! They have really been able to captivate millions of Pokemon fans out there ... regardless of how laggy their servers are (It's irrelevant and that's amazing!)

And I personally find it quite fascinating to see how this element of nostalgia can really play a big role in the success of products.

But the main reason I am writing this post  – is to shout out that


You see a lot of people out there including my friends keep telling me:
“I'm not fun anymore” … “I'm living life like I’m a 40 year old or always working or what not”.


You see, when you are playing a different game than everybody else in life –  all what others say about you, really just falls in the background.
I’m not saying I don’t listen to them nor respect what they have to say.

I’m just saying, that when you are beating on your talent or focusing on what you need to do and that’s putting in a 100% and working 50-60 Hours per week including weekends to reach where you want to be - You just can’t afford distractions.

I’m not saying I don’t take breaks – I still hit the gym, listen to my music and hang out with my friends.

A lot of us keep falling into this trap of saying “We don’t have enough time” – including myself.
But, hey! I’m sorry that’s a load of nonsense (BS).
If Elon Musk can manage all those companies and projects he is working on and still have time to tweet, workout, and have family time – then how can we normal people complain?!

The Answer is simple;
Call it what you want.

You see this Pokemon takes me back to school days – high school or so;
I was like what – 10 years old, when everybody had Pokemon on their gameboys or buying cards or disks ...
But what I also really remember from school days were EXAMS (I hated them!!).
What I hated most about them, is that moment you’re in an exam and time has run out and the teacher says “Pencils Down”.

and that's exactly the thing! 
The way I see it – there is No such thing as Pencils Down in life.
We choose to put our pencils down by deviating from the path we want.
AND these time sucking utterly unproductive Games – Have NO ROOM in my life.

It’s a decision that I decided to take and I can’t be more excited to see how my life’s trajectory is going to change. 

Ali Darwish

Business Development, Hyflux | an entrepreneur at heart | inspiring presenter | graphic designer | challenge junky | dreamer