Khoshi Nami :P

so this is where I get to say mushi cute stuff lol. Happy Birthday ya bashmohandesa. They need to invent some kind of robot drones to be able to imitate myself and jump into your room with it. Anyways your getting older, and with old age comes greater responsibility (at least thats what they say lol).

Today will be the day that the world will remember you (no not really that's what jack sparrow would say :P) - so today is just a day - that you were born in - big deal ya3ni :P 

ok lets try this again - as I attempt to squeeze my face as a piece of dough staring at my screen thinking what to write.

ehhhm ehhhm;

Happy Birthday ya gamila. As far as i know you are quite beautiful :) and unfortunately quite smart - may be even smarter than me (may be :P) - el mohem - keep your head high and always be happy, nothing is worth you getting down as long as we are together - nothing else matters.

Happy Birthday :) <3 <3 


My gift to you this year is the gift of PIRATED Online FREE TV series :D 

Enjoy lol