Bose SoundLink Mini

After timeless search for a wireless speaker, I am confident enough to say, I have found one worthy of my ownership.




The SoundLink Mini features a humble minimilistic design. It can simply sit in the corner of a room silently unnoticed.

It weighs slightly more than half a kg (0.68kg to be exact), this gives it a solid structural form. You feel its weight, yet, its doesn't seem too much for portability.

Honest in its form, the speakers' grille surround the back and front giving way to for its pure deep sound to go through. A thin hard black rubber frame separates the grille from the aluminum.

Listening to the powerful sound coming out of this little beast, gets you intrigued on whats hidden inside. According to Bose the speaker features 2 high efficiency transducers (unheard of in a speaker this size) giving way to more powerful sound.
At it's core it has patented dual passive radiators (visible through grille) that allow for low frequency notes to be produced harmonically. The result is simply majestic, pure, magnificent and distinct. 

Bluetooth capability is said to be around 30 feet that's approx. 9 meters. From my experience that's quite sufficient for home usage between two nearby rooms. 

The treble produced is crisp with unnoticed noise and echo.

The overall structure is made of one single-piece aluminum casing; giving it the allure of sophistication. The grey aluminum matte finish is closely similar when compared to the finish of a macbook casing.

Viewing from the top you get to see the rubbery dials for the power, mute, volume +,- , Bluetooth and AUX. The white icons seem to be imprinted in a somewhat undurable method (seems to be wearing off by use). 
The whole dial and logo is enclosed in a rectangular curved edge shape - which makes me think if it was missing an intended iPod dock of some sort.

Turning the speaker on its head, you notice how they created this small leveling pad making it slightly float upwards when it is placed to sit upright - its rubbery material insures its foot down in place and prevents vibrations. However,  the regulatory/country markings could have been better designed - nothing special in the typography used, making it a bit awkward if the speakers are flipped over.

It should be noted that there aren't any visible screws or bolts in the whole thing, which really is remarkable how Bose managed to hide them all.


Can connect using AUX as well.


This is no ordinary portable speaker, for it truly redefines the essence of high quality listening. It being a smaller offshoot from its predecessor the "SoundLink" does not make it any less of a great speaker.

I like to think of it as a gentleman's speaker - professional but has swag. Its solid sleek facade like structure is not only stylish but it's razor sharp. The sound coming out of it is bespoke and tailored to perfection. 
It can produce crisp vulgar fighting and gushing blood sounds from the movie "300" as if one is there in battle, at the same time produce a sweet classical Beethoven symphony quite elegantly.

Its a speaker and it can go loud. So loud it reminds me of the reference made in the movie "The Italian Job" where they say "speakers so loud, they can blow women's clothes off" (ok, it's not that loud - but you get my point).

Ali Darwish

Business Development, Hyflux | an entrepreneur at heart | inspiring presenter | graphic designer | challenge junky | dreamer